From the Superintendent

Proper Conduct at Reagan County ISD Events.
To the Big Lake and Reagan County ISD Community:
Re: Proper Conduct at Reagan County ISD Events.
Dear Reagan County ISD fans,
We appreciate all the community support and attendance at school events. 
I am writing this letter to all members of the community to remind you that your actions, behavior and attitudes at athletic events reflect greatly on the reputation of our school and athletic programs. 
By our conduct at school events, we can either enhance that reputation or tarnish it. 
Therefore, I am asking everyone who attends Reagan County ISD events to conduct themselves in an appropriate, civil and courteous manner. 
Please display your emotions in a positive manner concerning the actions of the officials, coaches and players. We should maintain civil and appropriate behavior at all times. Booing, taunting or deriding opposing players, officials or fans is unacceptable. Likewise obscene chants or mocking or derogatory remarks do not reflect the values for which we want to be known. 
Our athletes are responsible for displaying good sportsmanship and civil conduct, so I am calling on our fans to model good behavior at all events as well.
I look forward to working with each of you in upholding and bettering the reputation of our school, athletic program, and community. 
Thank you for your support and cooperation.
Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Long, Superintendent
Reagan County Independent School District

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