Rockwell Resigns as Big Lake Mayor

To the Citizens of Big Lake:
It has been a remarkable time since I began as Mayor seventeen months ago.  The City of Big Lake has observed a significant amount of commercial and economic growth while managing declines from plummeting oil prices.  In addition to handling the fluctuating progress, we have been able to pave streets on the north and south sides of the city, including streets that have never been paved, as well as fix or replace all damaged fire hydrants.  Big Lake’s improved website, which allows visitors to obtain substantial information about our city, will soon allow residents to pay utility bills online.  I was also pleased to be a part of Big Lake’s annexation project, which effectively doubled the size of the city.
As many of you know I have held position at the Reagan Hospital as Chief Operating Officer during my term as Mayor.  As of Monday, September 14th, 2015, the hospital board has entrusted the role of Chief Executive Officer to me, where I may continue to rebuild and grow the hospital for our city.  I have earnestly and gratefully accepted this appointment and hope to better the city from a different post.   Big Lake deserves a Mayor that is able to devote considerable attention to the city as it grows and prospers, and that is something that I am unable to do at this time.
With that being said, I will be stepping down as Mayor effective Monday, September 28th, 2015.  This city is in great hands – an amazing city council that has a true love for this city and acts with the city’s best interests at heart.
Thank you for electing and allowing me to be your Mayor:  it has been a pleasure and privilege to work for this city.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for this city in the future!
Kyle Rockwell

The Big Lake Wildcat

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