City Missing 10 Million Gallons of Water - Leak Suspected

Hires Austin Based Company to Locate Leak

Updated 6/6/15 at 4:55 p.m.

City Secretary Evelyn Ammons reports that the City feels like the source of the 10 million gallon loss of water has been located in the southeast part of Big Lake. The City will still use Samco Leak Detection Service out of Austin to search out smaller leaks in the City's water system. Samco's work in Big Lake will cost around $32,000. The original story follows below.


There will be a group of men walking the neighborhoods of Big Lake next week wearing orange vests, carrying hand-held meters and wearing headphones.

The City of Big Lake wants residents to know there is no reason to be concerned, and that the men, employees of Samco Leak Detection Services, are here at the city's request.

"We noticed an increase in the amount of water the City is purchasing," City Secretary Evelyn Ammons said. "That amount did not add up when we started billing accounts this month, so we are sure there is a leak somewhere."

The city purchased 25 million gallons of water from the Reagan County Water Supply District in May, but only billed out for 15 million gallons.

"Over the course of the month we saw a loss of around 10 million gallons of water," Ammons said. "We don't think it is being stolen since there are no spikes in the records, and don't feel it is an issue with our meters. The increase is seen day and night. The only thing left is an underground leak."

Samco Leak Detection Services will send a crew beginning Monday, July 6, 2015 to do a leak study of the City's water system.

"They will have white trucks and the crews will wear orange vests," Ammons said. "If you see them there is no reason to be alarmed. They are trying to track this thing down for us."

Ammons said that it is imperative that the City find the leak quickly and fix it since the city has lost over $34,000.00 in water in a month's time.

"Samco will be checking the entire water system in town," Ammons said. "That includes water meters going to homes, and also the fire hydrant system."

The City recently finished a major project where seven hydrants were replaced along with inserter valves installed just below them.

To put 10 million gallons of water into perspective, it would be equivalent to 1,984 transport truck loads.

One water hauler reports it takes roughly 30 minutes to fill a transport with water. At that rate, a truck would be loading water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 41 straight days to load 10 million gallons.


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