Sheriff’s Notes: Jeff Garner

As sad as it is to say, summer is over. With school starting up this past Monday there were some items that I wanted to remind everyone of for this time of year.
First I wanted to remind all of us that school zones will be active and enforced. This includes the cell phone ban in those areas when they are active. We all have to be mindful of kids in crosswalks and riding bicycles to school. There will be officers working in the school zones, especially near the new elementary to attempt to ensure a smooth drop off/pick up. The addition of the new circle drive off of Texas Street should improve traffic flow around the school. Please be aware that the one way streets are still in effect so if you are going to use the Texas Street drop off you will need to enter from the north. 
I would also like to remind everyone how important it is to have your children in school when they are supposed to be there. There were many issues last year with truancy with all three campuses locally. Please make every effort to get the kids to school on time every day. It’s not only important for the students but also for the district.
On another topic I would also like to touch on is the importance of continuing to be mindful of thieves. We all take for granted that this is just Big Lake and we should still be able to leave things unlocked or unsecured like we did 20 to 30 years ago. The hard truth is we just can’t do that anymore. Please lock your homes, cars, shop buildings and secure any other items around your property that you would like to keep. We are still working cases of thefts around the city and county that may have been avoided with some precaution. Please understand that I am in no way blaming the victims of these crimes but only asking all of us to make it tougher on a thief to take others property. This includes keeping an eye out for people in neighborhoods that don’t belong or any other suspicious activity around where you live. An officer will respond to these types of calls and try to make contact with those people who don’t seem to be where they should. 
With that being said I also would like to encourage everyone to continue to call in suspicious activity. Even if you do not want to be named as a witness the information you pass on will be looked into and can potentially be vital information in open cases. Information that was received this past week allowed officers to make a warrant arrest that also turned into a drug arrest. The domino effect is alive and well and very often seemingly unrelated calls turn into something much bigger so please make the call!
Very quickly I would also like to thank the community for continuing to support the Sheriff’s Office. I have had a lot of people as of late come up or call expressing support for the work that your officers put in on a daily basis. I want all of you to know that, especially with things that have gone on in other parts of the country, it is very much appreciated to hear words of support and encouragement. Thank you for that!
Beginning this next week your deputies will be starting a new program that we hope to keep going into the future. Thanks to generous donations from Terri Warriner and Justin McGregor your deputies will start carrying bottled water in their patrol vehicles that will be handed out as the officer sees a need. This may be as simple as someone mowing their lawn during the hot part of the day or someone with car trouble on the side of the highway. It may not seem like much, but I know at times I’ve been in a position where I would have given just about anything for a cool bottle of water. I’m very grateful to both Terri and Justin for getting us started with this helpful program.
I know that our community is having some growing pains with the oilfield up’s and down’sbut know your Sheriff’s Office is right there with you in dealing with everything that is going on. We are here, able and ready to respond and handle issues that you may have. My door is always open if you need to talk or have a question about anything going on in our community. 
Serving You,
Sheriff Jeff Garner

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