Mr. 100: Trey Ortiz... the Tackling Machine

Reagan County’s Trey Ortiz hit a personal milestone Friday night during the Owls’ 40-0 win over TLCA.
The hard-nosed senior pushed his tackle number over 100 for the season.
“That is a big number eight games into the season,” Coach Blake Weston said. “He should end up with a very impressive senior year defensively.”
Ortiz entered the game with 92 tackles to his name and tacked on nine more during the Owls’ defensive domination of TLCA.
“It was something I wanted to do last year,” Ortiz said. “I was sidelined by a concussion during our second game though, so I fell short.”
This season, when the play is whistled dead you can be sure Ortiz is near the ball.
“He is a smart player,” Weston said. “He is quick to the ball, and selfless when he gets there.”
Ortiz currently has 101 tackles on the year and a team-high three forced fumbles.

“He is an impressive player on the field,” Weston said. “But it is who he is off the field that impresses me most.”

Weston said Trey is a team-first player who never hesitates to do what is asked of him.
“I broke my hand during the Forsan game,” Trey said. “I don’t remember exactly when it happened. I just remember going in at halftime and trying to get a drink of water. I wasn’t able to squeeze the bottle and it started to swell.”
Weston was forced to move Trey from his offensive guard position into the backfield as a blocking back.
“Even though he isn’t our biggest player, he made a huge impact on our offensive front,” Weston said. “He just isn’t able to grab and block like he needs to with that broken hand. We had two other guys step up and fill that spot for us, and we moved Trey into the backfield.”
Weston said Trey never missed a beat.
“He did what we asked and never complained,” Weston said. “When his number is called to make a block he does it with force.”
Weston said Trey isn’t just a blocking hammer for the Owls’ offense. 
“We place a lot of responsibility on Alex Chavez at the quarterback position,” Weston said. “Trey has the chance to get the ball in his hands at any point when Alex makes that read of the defense. We trust he will make the most of those opportunities.”
Trey said it is every lineman’s dream to get a chance to carry the ball.
“I was excited for the chance to be in the backfield,” Trey said. “I just plan on doing my job if the chance to carry comes up. Do my job and do what is expected.”
Trey said reaching the 100 tackle mark on the year was big for him, but not near as important as his other goal.
“I just want to leave a positive impact on the younger players,” Trey said. “I want them to see that with hard work and commitment anything is possible.”
He also has another personal goal to go along with that.
“I also wouldn’t mind being the best linebacker Big Lake has ever had,” Trey joked.
Weston said Trey’s leadership and dedication to the team is second to none, but so is his sense of humor.
“He is the one cutting up all the time,” Weston said. “Not in a bad way. He loves keeping things light, and the team really responds. He is also able to get on to other players in a way no one else can, including me.”
Weston said the entire team takes their cue from Trey.
“When he is on, the whole team is on,” Weston said. “He had some hardships earlier in the year that he carried into practice. That is understandable. But you could feel the whole team’s energy sink with him.”
Weston said it is that ability to impact the entire team which makes Trey such an important key for the group’s success.
“Luckily for us, he is a positive person 99 percent of the time,” Weston said. “He will be huge going forward into the playoffs.”
Trey said he has loved having Coach Weston at the helm of the team for his senior year.
“He is such a great guy,” Trey said. “He understands his players, knows when to have fun, but also when to get serious.”
Most importantly for Trey, he feels Coach Weston truly cares about each of his players success in life.
“He is such a good guy,” Trey said. “I really wish he could have been here my entire high school career.”
Along with Coach Weston, Trey said his teammates have also made his senior year a memorable one.
“I love playing along side Angel Gallegos, Tristan Ortiz, Samuel Goodloe, Alex Chavez and Jose DelRio,” Trey said. “Of course I can’t forget my linebacker brother, Nathan DeLeon!”
Trey notched the majority of his tackles from he mike linebacker spot.
“The Mike is the strongside backer,” Trey said. “I play Mike for most snaps on defense.”
Trey said his most memorable tackle this year can be traced back to the Ballinger game.
“The ball was snapped and I read my key,” Trey said. “I got the tackle for loss.”
When he got up he overheard a Ballinger lineman yelling ‘Who made that tackle!?!”
The running back walked back saying it was ‘Number 51!”
The entire offensive line muttered that someone needs to ‘please block that guy!’
“That made me feel like I was respected by my opponent,” Trey said with a smile. “I won’t lie, it also made me feel like a straight stud.”
Trey said his his personal goal for tackles now increases from 100 to 125.
“It could be higher depending on how deep we can go in the playoffs,” Trey said. “I’m just blessed to suit up every week for Reagan County, and hope I get to do it many more times this season.”
Trey and his fellow Owls face their biggest test of year this week as they travel to Sonora with a shot at the district crown on th line.
Everyone is encouraged to make the trip to support the team as they look to stay perfect in district play.

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