Letter to the Editor

Frank White, BLEDC President
January 4, 2016
It is official as of January 1, 2016, the SONIC is ON IT’S WAY!!  All contracts have been approved and signed.  SDI closed on the purchase of the property from the EDC and; the new Sonic should be under construction approximately the end of January.  We hope to have a design rendition to print in the Wildcat very soon.
I would like to take this opportunity to express appreciation to everyone who was involved in our efforts to secure the Sonic for Big Lake.  Chuck Williams, who started the conversation years back; the EDC past-President Carl Baker; three City Mayors, Terry Jones, Kyle Rockwell and Phil Pool, and; all City Council members through the last two elections.  A special note of  thanks go to Tommy Holt, which without his very needed help, this project would have been much more expensive and complex. Thank you to Barrera Construction Company who completed the destruction phase in less than twelve days, my EDC Board who supported me through the entire process, and; Gloria Baggett, EDC Director.  Without Gloria, who put in so much extra effort, this project might have not gotten off the ground.
SONIC could be a project that may be the turning point for several other projects for 2016.  I pledge to strive to improve the quality-of- life  in Big Lake.  Please understand the EDC is on a learning curve with each project we attempt.  Each project will require new thought processes and a lot of patience.  
Thank you for your support!!!  Please help the SONIC set a record at their grand opening!
Thank you ALL very much,
Frank White, President
Big Lake Economic Development Corporation

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