Pete Rodriguez plead guilty on Friday, May 4 to Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.
As part of his waiver of a jury trial, Rodriguez was sentenced to 30 years in the Institutional Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and 730 days in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for the six charges he faced.
Rodriguez was originally indicted in 2016 on seven charges.
His plea deal dropped one of his charges completely, and also states that he agrees to testify against his co-defendant, Ana Chavez, who was also indicted at the same time.
The 2016 indictment stated Rodriguez knowingly conspired with others on five dates between March and June of 2016 to deliver methamphetaime.
Some of those charges were enhanced since the crimes occurred within a school zone.
As part of his plea deal, Rodriguez’ enhancements were dropped.
Sheriff Jeff Garner said Rodriguez’ guilty plea and sentence is a major victory for justice in Reagan County.
The investigation took local authorities and Texas DPS investigators over five years to put together.
Rodriguez is also required to pay $1,440 in restitution for DPS lab fees and $429 in court costs. Three of the counts he plead guilty to are first degree felonies, two are second degree felonies while the final charge was a state jail felony.