Big Lake’s Stephen Zuberbueler passed away late Saturday night due to complications stemming from an alleged family violence event that occurred Thursday, April 26th at his home at 1008 North Georgia Avenue.
Zubuerbuler was found in a vegetative state in a Reagan Memorial Hospital emergency room by Reagan County Sheriff Deputy Nick Hammer at 7 a.m. that morning.
He was transported to Shannon Hospital where he was being treated for bleeding in his brain. Zuberbueler was reportedly on blood thinners.
Zuberbueler’s wife, Freida, was arrested on April 26th and charged with Aggravated Assault causing Serious Bodily Injury, a second degree felony.
The investigation was turned over to Texas Ranger Philip Kemp due to the potential seriousness of the charges if Stephen were to pass away from his injuries.
The worst case scenario came true on Saturday night when Stephen succumbed to his injuries.
Reagan County Sheriff Jeff Garner said Stephen’s death does not change the current charges against Freida Zuberbueler.
“We are still going forward with our charge of Aggravated Assault,” Garner said. “I do believe the charges will be upgraded by the district attorney. But those upgraded charges will be brought before a grand jury.”
Garner said the grand jury is the conscience of the community.
“There will be no other warrants or arrests at this time,” Garner said. “We will let the grand jury decide if anything else needs to be pursued. It is the fair way to handle it.”
The original arrest warrant affidavit for Freida Zuberbueler stated she told investigators she struck Stephen on the right temple area of his head with her left hand. At that point he started to get a headache and began throwing up.
The document states that Freida told investigators that Stephen had been “hitting her chest” emotionally so she physically attacked him.
It also states that Freida acknowledged she knew he was taking blood thinners and one bad incident could kill him and any bleeding may lead to his death.
Freida was a biology teacher at Reagan County High School. The district accepted her resignation from the district during their last regularly scheduled meeting.
As with all criminal cases, Freida is considered innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.